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Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022

Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022: If you use a smartphone and you want to know if there are many best tricks and tips for using a smartphone then I think you have come to a good site.

Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022
Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022

More than 80% of the world’s smartphones are Android but, do you know all the possibilities and functions offered by your smartphone? Of course, the Google operating system has evolved a lot since its inception and has become an extremely powerful tool with multiple hidden features. Here we are going to make a complete compilation so that you can make maximum use of your Android device.

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 Open the Quick Access without opening notifications: Best tricks and tips for smartphones

We have 5 different quick access to Nougat but notifications appear first for the rest. There is a very simple strategy for any Android version that most of us don’t know, to go for quick access directly without going through notifications.

The secret is to use two fingers to pull the status bar and take out the shortcuts directly. As simple as that.

Enable developer options: Best tricks and tips for smartphones

Developer options give us an improved use of our devices and give us the possibility to control parts of our system such as taking time to open a new window, enabling USB debugging, touch screen display, and some interesting options.

To enable these options, go to Settings> About Phone and see the text ‘Build Number’. Tap it 10 times in a row and now you will see the tab with new options in the settings menu. Here’s a great way of taking advantage of developer options.

 Access the hidden menu: Best tricks and tips for smartphones

Android has a back door through which you will be able to find interesting information about your terminals such as all usage statistics by the app, battery status (temperature, usage, health, etc.), and more information about connection and terminal. To access this menu you need to dial the secret code * # * # 4636 # * # * from the calling application and enter it automatically.

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 Enable the ‘System UI Configurator’: Best tricks and tips for smartphones

This menu is only available to those lucky enough to have upgraded their device to Marshmallow. You must follow these instructions to enable these options and another option will appear in the settings where you can configure some options to customize the status bar shortcuts and icons.

Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022
Best tricks and tips for smartphones in 2022

Expanded Numeric Keypad:

You can set the keyboard to display numbers as the key above the character instead of a separate keyboard accessed from the common numbers and symbol keys. To do this we need to add a custom input style.

Go to Settings> Language & Input> Keyboard Google> Look & Feel> Custom input style, here once we click the ‘+’ sign to add a new one. We select our language, in the ‘Type’ option we select ‘PC’ and click on ‘Add’.

Now in Google Keyboard settings we will select ‘Language’ and mark the custom option that we just created. Now you will have the same keyboard as the computer and you will be surprised when you press the capital letter! Large characters are displayed.

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