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How to check BSNL number best way in 2022

How to check BSNL number in 2022: Would you like to check your BSNL mobile number? But don’t know how to check the BSNL number. So, this post is for you, any BSNL SIM user can easily check their mobile number through the USSD code, My BSNL mobile app, online, etc.

One of the easy and quick ways to check your own BSNL sim number or know your number through BSNL is no check code. Just dial the BSNL own number check code and your BSNL mobile number will be displayed. I will discuss almost all possible ways to find your BSNL sim number. So let’s get started.

How to check bsnl number in 2022
How to check BSNL number in 2022

How To Know BSNL Number.

There are many BSNL users who do not know their BSNL number and search online for this question, “How to know a BSNL number. So, I have come up with an excellent article here which is the ultimate solution to knowing your BSNL mobile number in a few seconds at your fingertips. To know your BSNL SIM number, you can follow any procedure explained here in this article.

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BSNL Number Check Code & Number.

BSNL Phone Number Check DetailsBSNL Mobile Number Check Code
BSNL Number Check Code 2022*888# | *1# | *555# | *222#
BSNL SIM Number Check Code*222#
BSNL No Check Code*555#
BSNL Own Number Check Code

How To Check BSNL Number By Code.

  1. First, launch the dialer app on your phone.
  2. Dial the used code given in the table above and make a call.
  3. You will immediately see a pop-up message showing your BSNL number.
  4. Make a note of or save your phone number for future use.
  5. done.

It is very simple and easy to use BSNL mobile number to find your BSNL SIM number. Keep in mind that sometimes the USSD code takes longer than expected so be patient.

How To Check BSNL Mobile Number Via My BSNL App.

Yes, you can use BSNL’s official mobile application to check your number. Follow the steps below to know your mobile number:

  1. Download and install the My BSNL app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. After the installation is complete, launch the mobile app.
  3. Log in to your BSNL prepaid/postpaid account.
  4. On your home screen, you will see your BSNL mobile number printed on the screen.
  5. Done.
How to check BSNL number in 2022
How to check BSNL number in 2022

How To Check BSNL Number Details By Calling Customer Care.

If none of the methods described work for you, give it a try. This method is best for those people who have no knowledge of the internet. And uses a simple keypad phone. However, keypad phone users can use the USSD code service to instantly check their own BSNL SIM number. So let’s see the mobile number checking process:

  1. Take your ordinary keypad phone or smartphone.
  2. Now, dial the BSNL Customer Care number.
  3. Call 1503 from your number and 1800 180 1503 from another number.
  4. Connect with the customer care executive and ask for your number.
  5. If you have a talk time balance on BSNL SIM, call one of your family/friends.
  6. Ask your friend or family member to tell you the BSNL SIM phone number.
  7. Done, enjoy.

How To Check BSNL Number Through IVR?

Well, BSNL does not provide any IVR to know your number, but there is a technique you can use. Just dial BSNL complaint number 198 before filing a complaint IVR will tell you your BSNL SIM number.

So, here we are discussing the code to know the BSNL number. We’ve tested all of these codes and they can definitely work for you. If these BSNL custom number checking methods do not work for you then it is recommended to use the mentioned IVR technique.

Get BSNL Number Offline.

The last method you can try is to go to the nearest BSNL office. There, you can ask about their BSNL number. For authentication purposes, they may ask you for your identity card. Once verified, you can get your BSNL mobile number.

These are the various procedures you need to follow to get BSNL including the BSNL number check code. In addition to these methods, we have mentioned below a method that may work for you.

How To Check BSNL Mobile Number Owner Details Online.

If you own a desktop or laptop, you can also try this method to find your BSNL phone number. Remember that you must have internet knowledge and a data pack to follow this procedure. Let’s take a look at the steps required:

  • First, visit the BSNL online portal: https://portal.bsnl.in/myportal
  • Go to the “Sign In” option which is at the top menu.
  • Now, enter your user id and password. (If you are new then first sign up to generate your user id and password)
  • Click on the “SIGN IN” button to log in to your BSNL Prepaid/Postpaid account.
  • Now you will be logged into your BSNL GSM/CDMA account.
  • Go to your dashboard to find out your BSNL SIM number.
  • Done.
How to check BSNL number in 2022
How to check BSNL number in 2022


I hope now you can easily know your BSNL SIM number. I have tried to explain all possible ways to find your BSNL mobile number. Methods include USSD code, my BSNL mobile app, online and call. In my opinion, a mobile number checking code is the best and fastest way to know your BSNL number.

However, you can try other ways to call customer care or your family members using the mobile app. These methods are better if the USSD code method does not work due to network issues. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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