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How to get free cp in call of duty mobile

If you are a fan of games and want to know about some famous games then I think you have come to a good site. Today I will talk about the Call of Duty game and how to get cp for free, so let’s get started.

How to get free cp in call of duty mobile
How to get free cp in call of duty mobile

COD Mobile is the mobile version of the famous PC game – Call of Duty. Since its release in 2019, COD has risen through the mobile ranks and has become a competitor to games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Freefire.

Like BGMI and Freefire, COD Mobile also has an in-game currency known as CP that enables players to purchase gun skins, clothing, and battle pass. So players should know how to get CP for COD mobile.

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Three best ways to get CP in COD Mobile in 2022:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards.
  2. Look out for giveaways.
  3. Codashop.

Google Opinion Rewards:

Achieving COD points through Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most traditional and trusted ways. This can be done using the Google Play Balance option to earn CP on COD Mobile. This process is free.

Although various other GPT applications are known for their frequent reviews, Google Opinion Rewards remains a trusted platform. Players are given general surveys and after completing them, they can earn money which they can use to buy CP in the game.

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Look out for giveaways:

Another easy way to get CP points on COD mobile is Giveaway. Gifts are free and COD mobile players often look for slp to php such events. Players can receive blueprints of weapons, various gears, operators, and free CP points through gifts.

These gifts are often placed on a Discord server with many members or streamers on YouTube, Twitch, or LOCO. However, gifting does not always guarantee players a CP win, depending on the fate of a particular player.


This process is not free. However, once the money is spent COD can become the most hassle-free way to earn CP on mobile. All seasonal battle pass prices are available on COD Mobile for around ₹ 220, CP. Each war season provides enough CP to buy the next one.

How to get free cp in call of duty mobile
How to get free cp in call of duty mobile

Codashop is one of the most trusted websites in the world for in-game payments. Not only does Codashop offer discounts on game CP purchases, but it also offers extra CP when purchasing a bundle from Codashop using an online wallet or UPI.

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Although there are many applications or websites available here, we have listed above the most effective ways to earn free CP on COD Mobile. It is important to note that players should not use hacks, short of methods like Call of Duty: Mobile, CP Generator as these practices are against company policy. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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