How to get free flipkart gift card

How to get free flipkart gift card

Looking for a free Flipkart gift card? Here we have featured some of the best sites for earning free Flipkart gift card codes. Flipkart is one of the best and favorite online shopping sites in our country. It covers various products. A variety of products are available at this shopping site. Flipkart started on the Internet in 2007, and at the time it only sold books, but now it sells a wide range of products.

How to get free flipkart gift card (2022)
How to get a free Flipkart gift card (2022)

What is Flipkart Gift Card?

Flipkart gift cards are a type of online voucher or coupon code. With this card, we can buy products but with some discounts. With these Flipkart gift cards, we can buy various things from Flipkart with some discounts so that we can give gifts to our near and dear ones. We can give gifts on different occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, etc.

Again, it is helpful to give corporate gifts. We are usually confused when it comes to giving gifts to our boss or clients. We can give them Flipkart gift vouchers so that their clients can buy any product of their choice on Flipkart.

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How to Buy Flipkart Gift Card in 5 Steps:

If you want to gift a Flipkart gift card to a special person in your life, you can give them the details of the gift card directly via email. For this, you need to buy a gift card from and it also includes the price of the gift card. First, open the official webpage of the Flipkart Gift Card.

  • Enter the name and email address of the person you want to send the Flipkart gift card to.
  • Select the value of the Flipkart gift card to purchase.
  • Now click on the “Proceed to Pay” button.
  • There you’ll see many payment options. select your preferred option from debit card, credit card, ATM card, and NetBanking.
  • Complete the Checkout process to revive your gift card by email.

If you want to change the value of the gift card later, you can change it by clicking “Edit”. After successful payment, you will receive the gift card number or gift card PIN in the receiver’s email.

Best Websites to Get Flipkart Gift Card Free:

There are so many sites where we can get Flipkart gift cards free. Some of the sites are discussed below.

How to get free flipkart gift card (2022)
How to get a free flipkart gift card (2022)

This site pays for free Flipkart gift card vouchers. We need to open an account on this site. For email confirmation, we need to open our email and click on the link sent by this website. Then our registration will be completed. We need to participate in online surveys. We will get a cash reward on the completion of each survey. Once the reward point reaches $10, we can redeem it for a Flipkart gift card.

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We need to log in to our Flipkart account. Then we need to select the items we need to buy and then go to the Payments section in the Payments section, we have to select the Pay by Gift Card option. Then we have to write a 16-digit gift card number with a PIN.

So, in this way, we can get Flipkart gift card free vouchers and do online shopping on Flipkart.

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