How to get free subscription of Netflix

How to get free subscription of Netflix

How to get free subscription for Netflix: If you like to watch action movies, TV shows, and web series and if you want to know which platform you can watch everything for free (How to get free subscription for Netflix) then I think you have come to a good site. Today we will tell you about an OTT platform called Netflix. And how to get a free subscription to this OTT platform, so let’s get started.

Netflix is ​​one of the most amazing OTT platforms in the world. Shows, webseries, and movies on Netflix are exceptional compared to other platforms. Netflix is ​​streaming in more than 30 languages ​​in 190 countries. Its audio quality and screen resolution are excellent like no other. It is one of the best OTT platforms and offers customers the option to download and watch offline webseries and movies on their iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices. Check out this blog for details on how you can watch Netflix for free.

How to get free subscription of Netflix
How to get a free subscription to Netflix

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American media service provider. Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that offers many online streaming services like Hollywood movies, original TV shows, and Netflix original webseries which you will not find anywhere else.

Netflix had over 150 million paid subscriptions worldwide. You can watch all the new shows and webseries India 2022 like – Sacred Games Season 2, Lost in Space and 13 Reasons Why Season 2, and many more.

So viewers, what are you waiting for? Get a Netflix-free subscription for life. If you want to know Netflix’s premium membership plan, how much does it cost to pay for Netflix monthly or annual membership, and which is the best movie and web show available on Netflix for instant viewing.

How Can I Get A Free Month Of Netflix?

Netflix is an excellent OTT platform and free 1-month trial for all its customers. In a free monthly trial, users will be able to access all the latest web series, TV shows, movies, etc.

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Here are the steps to get a free monthly trial:

  • Go to
  • Click to join for free for one month.
  • Choose a plan according to the needs of the customer.
  • Enter a valid email address and set a password.
  • Choose the payment option.
  • Enter the details for payment (don’t worry because the transaction is not completed till the end of the trial).
  • Select the device to view Netflix content.
  • Create a profile and manage a Netflix account.

Netflix Free Subscription In India.

Netflix has many ways to get free subscriptions, such as using virtual cards, Netflix cookies, Google Survey payments, and more. Take advantage of the Netflix free subscription as the company offers a variety of offers and three types of viewership plans.

Basic plan

This plan offers 720p target video resolution. Customers can enjoy this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 499 / month.

Standard plan

This plan offers 1080p video resolution and customers can enjoy this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 649 / month.

Premium Plan

This Premium plan offers ultra HD round video resolution. Customers can enjoy this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 799 / month.

How to get free subscription of Netflix
How to get a free subscription to Netflix

Use A Friend’s Netflix Account.

If you have a friend who uses Netflix, why not ask your friend to share a Netflix account with you because few Netflix plans allow the customers to share the Netflix screen with others. With this step, both of you can watch Netflix with a single account.

Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to generate revenue. In this task, users complete a number of questions and answer a few questions. Users receive a reward when they receive the most recent questions.

The amount is credited to the PayPal account and can be withdrawn by the users whenever the amount reaches a certain limit. From this process, customers will be able to purchase a Netflix account based on the amount they have earned by answering the survey.

Online Virtual Card.

With apps like Slice and Rice Credit Card app, customers can create virtual cards on the Internet. These apps issue a virtual card to their respective app subscribers. Customers can fill in all their details in a Netflix account and get 1 month’s free subscription to Netflix accounts. Users can cancel their Netflix account before the end of the 1-month trial, and Netflix does not have to pay a single penny. This is one of the best ways to access Netflix Watch Free Deals.

How To Get Netflix For Free Without Credit Card.

Well, Netflix offers a variety of payment options to all its customers, but if customers do not have a credit card they can go with a debit card or PayPal transaction. If customers do not have their own credit card, they can still enjoy a free subscription by adding a card to their family or friends. No amount will be deducted till the expiry of 1 month’s trial.

Netflix Free Subscription With Reliance Jio.

A plus point for Netflix and Jio users is that Jio launches various plans to get free Netflix subscriptions. This plan is the most basic and cheapest available streaming service.

Jio has introduced Rs 399, 599, 799, 999, and 1499 plans for its customers. By purchasing these plans they can gain access to a free Netflix account. Only Postpaid and Jio Fiber users can avail of the free Netflix subscription offer.

Netflix Free Subscription With Airtel.

Bharti Airtel offers a three-month subscription to Netflix users as a feature of the Thanksgiving campaign. This campaign attracts customers to join Airtel Postpaid. This offer is valid under a plan for Airtel postpaid users only. 499. Customers can install the Airtel Thanks app to get a free Netflix subscription. Enjoy free Netflix watches with Airtel.

Use IRCTC iMudra App.

  • First, download the IRCTC iMudra app from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the app and complete the registration and log in to your account.
  • Now you need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) Use any official ID to verify it.
  • Now, you will see the “Get Visa Virtual Card” option, click on it.
  • After that, you will get Visa Card from IRCTC iMudra App.
  • Open your Netflix account now Go to the Premium Subscription Planning section.
  • Use IRCTC’s Visa Card to get a free Netflix subscription.

Use SBI Net Banking Trick.

Remember – This Trick is only for SBI Bank Account holders, if your bank account is in SBI then you can easily get the Netflix Free Subscription in India.

How to get free subscription of Netflix
How to get a free subscription to Netflix
  • Go to the official SBI Net Banking Portal ( and log in with your Certificate Details.
  • Click the Dashboard and go to the Cards> Virtual Cards section.
  • Copy your card details.
  • Log in to your Netflix account, and choose the Netflix subscription plan.
  • Use the virtual card and click on Pay.
  • Done, you get one free Netflix free subscription for one month.


Hope you got an idea of ​​how you can watch Netflix for free. Users should follow all the steps and enjoy streaming on Netflix. Jio and Airtel users can also get a free Netflix subscription, but if you are not a Jio or Airtel user, no need to worry, you can still get 1 month’s free trial by following the steps mentioned above. Get your popcorn ready for some Netflix and chill. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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