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How to open an Online Savings Account in Bank (2022)

Online Savings Account: If you want to know how to open Savings Bank Account online then read this article. Bank accounts help protect your funds, they allow you to earn interest on your deposits, which helps you to compound your investment or savings.

To understand many important details about banking facilities in India, you need to know some basic information, such as how to survive in a bank and open a bank account in India that meets your needs or how to use the various services offered by a bank. We have tried to fill that void with this article. So let’s find out.

How to open online Savings Account in Bank (2022)
How to open an Online Savings Account in Bank (2022)

Table of the Top 5 Banks in India:

S No.Bank Name – Online Savings Account
1HDFC Bank – Online Savings Account
2State Bank of India – Online Savings Account
3ICICI Bank – Online Savings Account
4Axis Bank – Online Savings Account
5Kotak Mahindra Bank – Online Savings Account
Table of the Top 5 Banks in India

Eligibility Criteria to Open a Bank Account:

Customers must meet certain requirements to open a savings account in India.

  • Indian nationality status.
  • To be eligible, the person must be at least 18 years old.
  • If an account is to be opened for a child, their parents or legal guardians can open the account on their behalf.
  • A legitimate identity and address proof that the government has approved is required of the applicant.
  • Following bank approval, the applicant must make an initial deposit, which will be determined by the minimum balance requirement of the savings account they have chosen.

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Documents Required to Open a Bank Account:

Documents for Basic Savings Account for an Individual:

  • Two recent passport-size photos.
  • Documents proving your address and identity. If the document is included under both address and proof of identity, only one copy is required.
  • If the addresses are different, you must provide proof documentation for both your mailing address and your permanent address.
Type of Document – Online Savings AccountPhoto ID Proof – Online
Savings Account
Address Proof
Savings Account
Aadhar CardYesYes
Driving LicenseYesYes
Voters ID CardYesYes
Job Card by NREGA signed by an officer of the State Government YesYes
Letter issued by National Population Registry YesYes
Documents Required to Open a Bank Account – Online Savings Account

Documents for Basic Savings Account for a Hindu Undivided Family:

  • Copy of the Aadhaar Card or the Form 60 of HUF.
  • Declaration from the Karta of the HUF.
  • Proof of identification and proof of address of the Karta of the HUF.
  • Prescribed Joint Hindu Family Letter signed by all Spencers.

Documents for Joint Basic Savings Account:

  • Address proof and identity proof for both the applicants who are together opening the joint account.
  • Address proof of only the first holder of the account is sufficient if there exists a relationship proof between both holders.

About Savings Account:

These are savings accounts designed to help people save money. Anyone in India can open a Savings Account with an Aadhaar Card and a PAN Card, both of which require opening a Bank Account in India.

Limit – The amount of money that is saved in a savings account is unlimited. Depending on your bank, the number of transactions you can make may be limited.

Balance -In most cases, a consumer needs to maintain a minimum balance to maintain a savings account. Only a few accounts are exempt from the minimum balance requirement.

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Interest – It is paid on the deposit held by the consumer in a savings account. This rate varies from bank to bank. Any bank that offers a savings account will have to pay a minimum interest rate of 3%.

Benefit -The most convenient way to generate interest on lazy bank money is a savings account.

How To Open A Bank Account In India Online?

Step 1 – Choose a bank in which you want to open your account.

It must be something you have done before. If not, take a tour of your neighborhood and talk to a few banks about what you’ll get if you open a bank account. You can choose a bank that offers services that other banks may not Some private sector banks offer interest rates of more than the current 4%.

How to open online Savings Account in Bank (2022)
How to open an Online Savings Account in Bank (2022)

Step 2 – Visit the bank branch or its website.

Once you have chosen a bank, you can open an account by visiting the bank during business hours with your identification certificate and a small deposit. However, you can open an account online by visiting the bank’s website, which you can open anytime and anywhere.

Step 3 – Choose a suitable banking product.

A bank account offers a variety of accounts and services to choose from depending on your needs. For example, if you run a business, you may choose to open a current account instead of a savings account to meet your basic banking needs.

Step 4 – Provide relevant information and documents.

You must complete the form, attach a photograph, and supply your Know Your Customer (KYC) information. Photo ‘identification evidence’ in the form of your PAN card, Passport, or Aadhar card, as well as ‘address proof’ in the form of your Passport, Ration card, Voter ID card, or Aadhar card is required. Furthermore, you can utilise your passport or Aadhar card to satisfy both photo and address proof purposes.

Step 5 – Agree to the terms and conditions of the bank.

Before signing, make sure you have read all the terms thoroughly, and if you have any questions, you can contact the person in charge. Most banks will complete the form for you and all you have to do is submit your documents and sign after reading all the terms and conditions.

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