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Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games | BGMI Alternative Games

Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games | BGMI Alternative Games: If you want to know about the top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 then I think you have entered a good website. We know that not everyone can use expensive phones, so we can’t play high-quality games. But they want to play games like pubg. So, for some reason, we have come up with 3 great games within 500 MB. So let’s meet.

Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games
Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games

1. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival:

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is another game like PUBG that has received rave reviews from the mobile gaming community. This is a potential pubg option whose main theme is survival. The game has a survival mode where you can play against 121 players and the last person to stand will win the match.

Its surroundings have an Asian aesthetic and you will find yourself at home. You will be able to fly a helicopter, land in new places, and face deadly battlefields to win death matches. And the game is not just about guns and weapons, you need sharp tactical skills like PUBG to win the round.

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Here, too, you are followed by a dangerous zone and you must remain inside the safe zone to continue the game. And the best part is that it is compatible with many Android devices. With over 50M downloads in the Play Store alone, Hopeless Land is the perfect replacement for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS.


  • 121-players battle royale
  • Asian aesthetic environment
  • Fly in helicopters
  • A strategic game like PUBG

Download: Android and iOS.

2. ScarFall: The Royale Combat:

Starfall: The Royale Combat There is a unique difference in this list. It is one of the few Battle Royale games created by an Indian studio. According to YourStory, “The recent self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as one of the best Made-in-India apps in the Starfall gaming segment.

So if you want to eliminate Chinese-backed Battle Royale games altogether, ScarFall would be a good choice. Coming to gameplay, it has multiplayer gaming modes both online and offline. You have to survive in a cramped safe zone and you have 3 chances to win the game.

If you want to play in single or 4v4 squad mode you can do that too. For your information, ScarFall offers both third-person and first-person shooter modes. Basically, in terms of themes and gameplay, ScarFall looks just like a PUBG mobile. And with 1M download already in the Play Store, it’s an easy pick.

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  • The graphics are pretty good
  • Both offline and online multiplayer mode
  • Supports FPS and TPS
  • Growing community


  • There are some bugs
  • Takes time to connect to players

DownloadAndroid and iOS.

3. Battlelands Royale:

As the name implies, Battlelands Royal is a Battle Royale game similar to PUBG Mobile, but with a fun twist. This is not your casual blood-filled shooter game but brings beautiful character and a cartoonish gameplay environment. But you have the main theme: a 32-player battle royal game where the killings don’t stop.

Also, what I like about Battlelands Royale is that you don’t have to wait in the lobby for the game to start. Just tap the play button and you’re parachuted – now go ahead and loot, shoot and survive. Battle Royale does not last more than 3 to 5 minutes.

You can play the game in single or duo mode and you have to dominate your yard from all around. The map is also huge and you have to play the game to know about the different locations. All in all, Battlelands Royale is a fun game like PUBG Mobile and you can play this game for quick enjoyment.

Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games
Top 3 games like Pubg mobile under 500MB in 2022 | Battle Ground games


  • Fun and harmless battle royale
  • Quick deathmatch
  • Supports solo or duo mode
  • Features detailed map


  • Not for hardcore gamers.

Download: Android and iOS.


The above-mentioned list contains the best possibly similar games to Pub G. I have created this list based on a detailed study. My personal recommendations on the list would be the Rules of survival. You can tell your favorite pick in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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